Benjamin Hode

Revenue Manager / Europcar Atlantique, France

With already 18 millions rates stored and an incremental of 50,000 per week,I dropped my Access database. Rate Shaker is saving me so much time!

Rateshaker-Europcar-Costa Rica-Roberto-Gonzalez

Roberto Gonzalez

Sales & Pricing Manager - Europcar Costa Rica

La herramienta de Rateshaker es indispensable para mantenerse al tanto de lo que sucede con nuestra competencia en el mercado y de esta manera lograr un mejor posicionamiento y manejo efectivo de nuestros precios.  Nuestra participación en el mercado ha tenido un gran éxito gracias a este exitoso sistema, por lo cual lo recomiendo completamente.


Steven Sabetghadam

Revenue & Capacity Manager / Arak GMBH – Europcar Austria

Coming from the Hotel industry, using automatic rate shop is something pretty trivial for me. In the Car Rental, it was not the case. Using RateShaker enables me to speed up my analytical tasks and to get a market overview in few clicks


Tonje Engerbretsen

General Manager / Europcar Martinique island, France

Last time, I had to do a manual price check on the web for a particular question. This took me 3 hours. Thanks to Rateshaker I am using on a weekly basis: I do not have to do this anymore ! .


Elodie Gazeau

General Manager / Europcar Martinique island, France

In charge of both Operations and Yield, I need a tool that displays my rate positionning vs my main competitors. Rate Shaker displays what I need.


Pierre Marrannes

Director of Revenue Management - Groupe Bernard Hayot

I am one of the first user of RateShaker. Since day one, I believed in this new and smart way in providing intelligence and speed in the rate shop process, usually done manually.